Microwave Development Labs of Needham Heights, Massachusetts is the world’s leading manufacturer of waveguide components and subassemblies in the microwave industry.

DAGE Corporation is the Exclusive Export Management Company for all MDL Products and Value-Added Services.

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High-reliability is MDL's trademark. Established in 1948, MDL is Certified to ISO 9001-2000 and maintains calibration of all in-house equipment per ANSI/Z540.

MDL's product lines include:

  • Full range of waveguide castings.
  • Waveguide bends, twists, 3db hybrid couplers, etc.
  • Rotary joints.
  • Monopulse comparators.
  • Directional couplers.
  • Power dividers.
  • Phase shifters.
  • Rotary switches.
  • Waveguide pressure windows.
  • Custom-made waveguide assemblies.
  • Many other components.

Special electrical and mechanical requirements are routine at MDL.

If catalog components do not exactly fit your application, custom-built components can be supplied.

We assure you that at MDL/DAGE the outcome is always the same. Custom development will produce a perfect component as required by the client.

Engineers complete a functional design; then on to computer modeling and simulation testing.

All prototyping is done in-house. Should modifications be called for, we can go back to the drawing board that same day. These in-house capabilities reduce turnaround time, development costs and will deliver both prototype and production with ISO-9001 Quality and Documentation – that is peace of mind.

MDL is driven by customer needs. From concept to installation and on to live-fire testing; High-reliability, superlative-quality and constant communication are the hallmarks of our work.

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