A.T. WallA.T. Wall - Waveguide tubing in aluminum, copper, bronze, Invar, stainless steel, steel, Monel, silver.
CML EngineeringCML Engineering - Very High Power Waveguide Microwave Components, for High-Energy Physics Experiments and Radar including high-power water loads, water-cooled and dry loads, differential phase shift circulators, vacuum windows and tunable power dividers & phase shifters. 
Connecticut MicrowaveConnecticut Microwave - High-Power Coaxial Directional Couplers, circulators, adapters, filters, terminations and dummy loads. High-power custom waveguide couplers.
Delta-Sigma Inc.Delta-Sigma Inc (DSI) - High-power CW and pulsed amplifier modules and systems from 0.01 to 2.0GHz for the commercial & defense industries.
 ET IndustriesET Industries (ETI) - Directional couplers, combiners/splitters, beamforming networks, bi-phase, QPSK, IQ, and vector modulators, VCOs and monopulse comparators.
Leusin MicrowaveLEUSIN Microwave - Very high-power filters, Double-ridged components and custom components to 50GHz.
Microwave Development Labs Microwave Development Labs (MDL) - Cast, Formed and precision machined components and assemblies, Monopulse Comparators, Rotary Joints, Couplers, Switches.
 Microwave Resources Inc.Microwave Resources (MRI) - Microwave and millimeterwave circulators and isolators, directional couplers and filters.
Microwace Solutions Inc. Microwave Solutions Inc (MSI) - Microwave and RF Amplifiers of all types including low noise, drop-in, broadband, power and super components for military, commercial and industrial markets.
Omega Labs Omega Labs (subsidiary of Leusin Microwave) - Low-cost waveguide components.
 Reactel Inc. Reactel - Filters – coaxial and waveguide, bandpass, bandreject, lowpass, highpass, miniature, tubular, diplexers and triplexers.
Resin Systems Resin Systems - Cast Microwave Loads, absorbers, and terminations for low and high power applications.
RH Laboratories RH Labs - High power switches, attenuators, limiters and phase shifters.
Scientific Microwave Corporation Scientific Microwave Corp (SMC) - High power waveguide circulators and isolators as well as waveguide-to-coax adapters, terminations, double ridged components.
Universal Microwave Components Corporation Universal Microwave Components Corporation (UMCC) - Integrated circuit switches, variable attenuators, couplers, power dividers, bias tees & dc blocks.
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